Are you thinking about buying a house?
Buy with us!

We Offer:

  • A web-based system for customized property search according to your criteria.
  • High-Quality Market Analysis that will help you buy the right house for the right price in the right place.

Why is it Convenient to Buy Your Home With the Help of a Buyer’s Agent?

The process of buying real estate property can be very confusing and complex. That is why we are offering professional guidance. Below is the list of basic benefits you will get buying with us:

  • Buyer’s agent has access to MLS database with thousands of properties. He or she can find property matching your criteria in a reasonable time and for the price that fits your financial range.
  • Buyer’s agent helps you on every step of the real estate transaction with the paperwork and communication between the parties involved.
  • When you are buying property, you are not paying for the Buyer’s agent service (unless you have a special agreement with the agency). This service is completely FREE for you!

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Become a Real Estate Agent For Yourself!
Are you planning to buy home and save money? Get real estate training, pass the exam, become a real-estate agent and buy your home with us with extra savings. If a real estate agent associated with Homes-R-Us Realty of MA is buying a home for his/her own residence, Homes-R-Us Realty of MA will split the commission 20/80 for these transactions. You can save thousands of dollars by buying your home as our real-estate agent. Plus, you will get the opportunity to make some extra money in the future as a part-time or full-time real estate agent associated with Homes-R-Us Realty of MA.

Please Note this is just a one-time transaction. Any other non-residential property such as an investment, vacation and other properties, is not a part of this program.