Are you planning to sell your house?
Get the lowest listing rate and the highest service standards you deserve!

Homes-R-US Realty of MA – REALTY THAT WORKS FOR YOU, offers one of the best programs in the U.S. for people who want to sell their houses. Whether you are looking for a full range of real estate services, or you are trying to sell your own home, we are ready to help you.

Why it is Important to List Your Home With MLS (Multiple Listing Services)…

Sellers of the real estate want to advertise their property as much as possible using all the tools available: websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. Whether you are selling your home through the real estate agency or trying to get a result yourself – MLS is the vital part of your success. Thousands real estate agents and brokers have access to the MLS database and are searching properties for their clients and potential buyers according to the specific requirements. Your property will be found if it matches the criteria. Your home listed on MLS means that information about your property will automatically appear on several popular real estate websites. When you set up an Open House on MLS, information about this Open House will appear in the real estate section of your local newspaper.

For Full Service…

Call us to make an appointment and, if you qualify*, we can list your house for as low as just 3.75%. Why 3.75 %? Because we care about you and we generate our profit according to the following factors:

  • The number of our satisfied clients.
  • The number of real estate agents working for us.

Our strategy and our success are based on these and only these two categories of people, their references, their personal networks, and connections. Homes-R-Us Realty of MA gets less but leaves more for our clients and our agents. This is the primary goal for Homes-r-us Realty of MA – REALTY THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Plus We Offer…

  • Realistic market analysis.
  • Service of high quality on each step of the transaction.
  • Paperwork support.
  • Teamwork (several of our team members will provide service for you).

Adding all of the above mentioned together will help you sell your house for the best price in a reasonable amount of time.
Note: *Qualification is determined based on the condition of the house and market price in the area.