Homes-R-US Realty of MA - REALTY THAT WORKS FOR YOU, offers one of the best programs in the U.S. for people who want to sell their houses. Whether you are looking for a full range of real estate services, or you are trying to sell your own home, we are ready to help you. We offer realistic market analysis, service of high quality on each step of the transaction, paperwork support, teamwork. Call us to make an appointment. Homes-R-Us Realty of MA gets less, but leaves more for our clients. This is the primary goal for our agency.



Homes-R-Us Realty of MA offers a special discount listing program for the clients previously listed on MLS and whose listings are about to expire or have expired. We care about our clients and we will list your property for 3.5%. This rate will allow homeowners to make necessary steps to speed up the selling process. Is your listing about to expire? You are not satisfied with the result and don't know how to improve the situation? Call us at (774)-999-0775, make an appointment and list your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) at a lower listing rate.

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